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Read through our blog to learn more about AMCAT Roofing’s part in restoring your property after a rough storm! These resources are available for home and business owners who are seeking assistance when it comes to roofing, insurance, inspection, repairs, and so much more. Be sure to keep checking back here for further updates! Contact us today to learn more.

Hail Damage

Protecting Your Home Against Wildfires

With Durango in the midst of a wildfire, many people’s homes are in danger—some people have already been evacuated from their homes. Conditions are frighteningly favorable for wildfire: our winter snowpack was a fraction of what it normally is, conditions are dry, and the weather is hot and windy.

Even when your home isn’t in direct danger of fire, your property should be wildfire-ready. These tips can help protect your home, both now and in the future.

Clear the Space Around Your Home

Create a 10-foot fire-defensible perimeter around your property by clearing brush, trees, woodpiles, and landscaping with non-flammable materials like concrete, gravel, and well-watered grass. If there is a high threat of wildfire, consider removing all leafy or piney plants and wooden features around your home.

Screen and Seal Your Eaves and Vent Openings

Homes often burn from the inside out. If improperly sealed, the eaves and vent openings of your home can allow embers to enter and spread the fire indoors. Keeping gutters clean and free of flammable debris can also help to prevent fire from spreading to the interior of your home.

Clear and Protect Your Roof

Your home’s roof is one of its biggest liabilities in the event of a fire. Ensure that your home’s roof is Class A-rated and that the roof and siding are constructed of fire-resistant materials like asphalt shingle, tile, or metal. Clear any pine needles, overhanging branches, and other materials that could ignite from airborne embers.

Develop a Fire Safety Plan

Develop a fire safety plan with your family, including a home fire drill that your family knows and practices. Keep valuables and important items like identification, legal files, and prescription medication together in an accessible location, so you can grab them quickly if necessary.

Returning Home After a Wildfire

Your home and surroundings may be changed or damaged when you return home. If your home has been damaged, it’s important to consult authorities and follow all warnings and signs before safely entering your home. If your property hasn’t sustained visible damage but there was fire nearby, it’s still important to follow all warnings before entering, as well as to have your home well-inspected for unseen structural damage.
AMCAT Roofing has been constructing quality roofs in Albuquerque, Durango, Aztec, and the surrounding areas for years. As part of the Durango community, we hope that all those affected by the fire can safely return to their homes soon.




What to do When Hail Hits Your Home – June 2017

With recent storms in New Mexico bringing in tornadoes, large hail, and heavy rain, many people are inspecting their homes to assess damage. Many homes and cars were hit with hail during the storm, causing roads to appear to be covered in snow. But what to do when the hail stops? Below you’ll find some tips to start the repair process.

Assess the Damage 

The first thing you need to do after hail hits your home or car is to look for damage. On your home, check your gutters and roof. If you find large dents or cracks on your roof or gutters, schedule an appointment with a roofing contractor. Hail can also damage the shingles on your home, making the granules on your roof loose, and could even break the shingle itself. Damaged granules can fall off and collect in your gutters or downspout, creating a blockage and backup.
If you have an older roof, make sure to be careful when checking for damage, since the roof can deteriorate. As the years go on, the base of a roof will become exposed, causing deterioration, and will reduce the integrity of the roof. The damage will not always be visible, however it will eventually become apparent, so it’s very important to check for damage on your roof or gutters if they’re older.
Some daring homeowners try to climb their roof to look for cracked, broken, dimpled, or missing shingles, and we ask you to please refrain from doing this. A roofing contractor or inspector can help you asses the damage, and can usually tell if their is enough of it to justify a new roof.

File an Insurance Claim

This is where AMCAT Roofing comes in. Call us to schedule an inspection and consultation of your roof. Even though damage to your home or car is usually covered by insurance, it’s important and comforting to have a licensed professional on your side. We can be a valuable asset, eliminate hassle, and provide a smooth transaction from start to finish. AMCAT will provide you with a personal client representative who will help you make the initial claim, if you haven’t already, and answer any questions you may have along the way. Your representative will audit the adjuster summary, which ensures your insurance will pay for all the damage on your home or automobile, and that the amounts being paid will be enough to cover the proper repairs, ensuing you don’t have to pay out-of-pocket.
If you’re dealing with hail damage to your car or roof, make sure to call the professionals at AMCAT Roofing today! We’re licensed, insured, and specialize in this line of work. Give yourself a break from the stress and call AMCAT Roofing!

Recovery After a Hail Storm – December 2016

By Ryan Wilkinson

During the past few months, Albuquerque, New Mexico has been plagued with three hail storms. For our customers in that region, our sympathy goes out to you in the midst of this strange weather pattern. Is your home suffering from the results of hail damage? AMCAT Roofing is offering a primer on what to do after hail strikes your home.

Hail In Someones Hand

  1. Inspect for Damage

Grab your camera and take a walk around your property. Take photos of unmelted hailstones in your yard or on the driveway. Consider setting a tape measure beside them for more evidence, as the damage inflicted is often proportionate to the size of the hailstone. Examine the roof for loose, bent, or discolored shingles, as well as exposed patches of the underlying asphalt layer. Also investigate other outdoor elements, such as air-conditioning units.

  1. Don’t Shrug Off Repairs

Even if the damage might not seem “that bad,” hail damage can cause ongoing problems in your home. For example, damaged shingles mean loosened granules building up in your gutter and the asphalt layer directly exposed to more weather. UV rays from the sun make the asphalt brittle, which can expand, contract, and crack in cooler weather. Leaks can cause internal damage to your attic, electrical features, and the interior of your home. Some insurance companies have a time limit on claim periods. Damage you notice months later might not be eligible for repair reimbursement.

  1. Get a Quote

If you want to submit a claim to your insurance, you’ll need a quote. AMCAT Roofing offers a Smart Claim service you can begin online, making it faster and easier than ever for you to get the information you need. (link to smart claim page)

  1. Get an Inspection

AMCAT Roofing’s Smart Claim service sets you up with a personal client representative to walk you through the process. We partner with licensed and insured contractors who specialize in their trade. All of our work is 100% guaranteed to provide customer satisfaction!

  1. Fix the Problem

Our team of specialists will ensure that you have the highest quality repairs. Your client representative will even audit the summary from the insurance adjuster to minimize the amount of money coming out of your pocket.

If you believe your home has suffered hail damage and would like to move forward with an insurance claim or repairs, contact the experts at AMCAT Roofing.



The Progressive Effects of Hail Damage on a Home – October 2016

By Ryan Wilkinson

If your area has had a severe weather event, it’s important to get your roof inspected for damage. Holding off on inspections and repairs until they can’t be ignored any longer can cost you money in the long run. Not dealing with hail damage in a timely manner can lead to increasing home damage, more costly repairs, and missed deadlines for filing property insurance claims.

Hail On The Ground

The Progressive Nature of Hail Damage

Hail damage can appear on a roof as holes, tears or cracks, and discolored areas on the shingles. You may also have noticed granules showing up in your gutter after a rainstorm. This is a sign that your roof was hit by storm damage. Although it may not be noticeable from the ground, even small amounts of hail damage can weaken a roof’s structure and integrity over time.

For example, lost granules on shingles are more than a cosmetic concern. They protect the underlying asphalt layer of the shingle from sun, wind, and water damage. Exposed asphalt on a roof is more susceptible to curling, cracking, the effects of expansion and contraction, and finally, can result in leaks.

Tiny holes or cracks in shingles can also get larger with time. Wind and rain will add to the friction of the already-compromised area. Snow and changing temperatures will cause expansion and contraction of the shingles, widening the weak and missing spots. Roof leaks can result in mold, structural damage to the home itself, and electrical problems.

Insurance Considerations

Finally, most home insurers have a time limit for filing a property damage claim. Missing the window for getting the damage repaired before it gets worse can result in an even bigger headache: a larger repair and a bigger hit to your wallet.

Oftentimes, a storm damage expert can tell how old the damage is and, from its shape and appearance, what sort of storm caused it. Many keep records of storms that have passed through the local area over the years, and depending on the insurance company, there may be a time limit on filing claims whether the homeowner was aware of the damage or not.

AMCAT Roofing of Colorado is a local, Durango-area residential and commercial roofing company with expertise in storm restoration. We help our clients file homeowner’s insurance claims, and assign personal client representatives to deal with insurance companies, resulting in home repairs and restorations that meet and exceed customer satisfaction. Call our storm restoration experts for a free, no-obligations roof inspection at (970) 799-6759.